Emotional Intelligence vs. Cognitive Intelligence

Psychological Intelligence – Understanding your own emotions and those of others, and having the ability to use this information to produce the very best outcome for all worried. Knowing where emotions originate from and having the ability to manage your own and those of others. Knowing what emotions indicate and what info they are supplying. Having the ability to work well with others as well as alone. Having the ability to combine cognitive understanding with emotional knowledge and use them in tandem.

Cognitive Intelligence – Intellectual abilities such as reasoning, reason, reading, writing, evaluating and prioritizing. These go on in your very own head and use only the neocortex, not the psychological centers of the brain which also provide crucial details. These capabilities do not require any social skills per se, i.e., you can solve a mathematics formula on your own, or compose an essay, or balance a business’ books on your own.


6_comptenciesBeing efficient both alone and as a group player vs. Only efficient when working alone.

Being able to manage your own feelings vs. Having mood tantrums, sulking or withdrawing.

Being able to feel sorry for others and knowing where they’re coming from vs. Not being able to understand the feelings of others and understand how the emotions are impacting the circumstance.

Using an emotional appeal to convince someone of something v. Using an intellectual attract convince someone of something.

Understanding that motivation is a feeling word v. Thinking that motivation is a believing word.


Costs were fantastic in his field and the best IT individual in the office regarding technical abilities, but his people abilities were low. He was abrasive, big-headed, short-fused, and a perfectionist. Other people didn’t prefer to deal with him, and he was not able to describe things in terms other individuals could understand.

three-ways-to-develop-emotional-intelligenceMary, who was also in the IT department, had excellent technical abilities and a great education, though it was less than Bill’s. Her psychological intelligence more than made up for this. She had the ability to handle herself and other individuals well and to explain things calmly and clearly. Individuals liked to deal with her and requested her by name. She received apromotion after promo because of her technical competence and her high psychological intelligence.

Essential Point

Lots of people with extremely high IQs (cognitive intelligence) do badly in work as well as relationships because they have low EQs (psychological intelligence). They sabotage themselves because they cannot manage their own emotions or those of other people, and they undermine projects because they may have all the rational, reasonable and analytical “answers,” however they do not have the “soft” abilities to move a job forward.


Emotional intelligence represents more success and joy in life than intellectual intelligence.